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Video Marketing is a proven technique for businesses, and brands to establish themselves online and grow their online presence by providing engaging content to an established audience.
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Go where your audience is. Online

Without a doubt, real estate video marketing is one of the best ways to appeal to the emotional factors that come with buying or selling a home. 

Distinguish yourself as a market leader and provide prospects with valuable information. 

Brick House HD - Michigan Real Estate Marketing

Make video your most profitable marketing initiative

By investing in online video marketing you are investing in a format that can be tracked in great detail with a vast amount of analytical data. The path to your ROI is much clearer with online marketing. There is no analogous version of Google Analytics in print or outdoor advertising.

Brick House HD - Michigan Real Estate Marketing

SEO benefits

Videos have a direct impact on search results. It is common knowledge that videos are favored by search engine algorithms. Google is constantly adjusting its algorithm to give its users a meaningful experience while searching. To satisfy user intent, they show a variety of results, and not just exact keyword matches. As a result, search results now prominently feature videos among top results.

Exposure and Distribution

Due to the fact that the internet is a global community, your real estate business may see interests in the property from as close as the next town over or as far away as another country.


If you’re not showing property video tours, or offering other valuable video content for this audience, you’re missing out on a massive business opportunity.

Allow viewers to engage with you and your brand

There’s no shortage of content out there in the digital world. People are overloaded with information that they cannot process. Videos are a breath of fresh air in a world dying with information overload. It is easier for the brain to process visual content amidst a sea of text. Creating an impact through videos is therefore that much easier.

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